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Happy New Year!

Time for a new year...and a new beginning of sorts. WIsh you all a fabulous 2016. Personally, I'm looking forward to getting fitter, doing more with my music and with my talk show. And I'm starting off with two of those 3 things IMMEDIATELY! :D

1st big gig of this year happens at Hard Rock Cafe, Andheri on the 7th of Jan!

We have a young band named The Pickled Octopii fronted by the talented Vedant Joshi opening for us and the gig is really special to me because Harman India are making this happen at HRC.

I've been a Harman endorsee now for over 5 years now. For more info on the Harman products I use on stage and studio click on this Mihir Joshi on

This is the first of a series of gigs I'm doing with Harman. We'll be in the Hard Rock Cafes in Bangalore, Pune and Gurgaon very soon.

Looking forward to lots of great gigs and music this year!

Here's to a fabulous start!

Happy New Year everyone! See you soon.

- Mihir

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